Jim here – thanks for visiting.

Home-baking is something I do a fair bit, as is finding new (and old) places to eat – I’ve probably eaten my weight in BBQ, burgers and bread in the past few years!

I have written reviews for the Brixton Blog too.

I live in London but hail from Berkshire (having started in Yorkshire) and my parents cooked everything from roast beef, lemon meringue pie, and chocolate cake to homemade curry and stir fry.

My first bought curry was a massive disappointment.

As was my first Chinese takeaway.

As were most of the subsequent ones.

I’ve travelled and worked extensively in Italy and eaten my way around France with the odd foray into Austria and Bavaria and kindled a love of sausages and beer along the way.

I will eat pretty much anything but regard bananas with an air of suspicion and mistrust.

Sorry if you like bananas.

I really don’t….




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